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The Journey of the Twelve Heroes

At the dawning of a new day God gathered his twelve sons. When they were all around him, he began by saying:

"Beloved children, Heroes of Life, I have gathered you here to entrust to each of you an important mission. That in every corner of the earth my Plan may be realised and that my glory and yours may be celebrated, I have hidden in your hearts a Divine Spark.

Know that each one of you has the possibility of discovering this treasure of light and of savouring the immense joy it holds because, when you have found it, you will understand that I am you and you are in me. But, for this to be possible, you will have to make a journey on earth and carry out the mission that I have assigned to you. Each one of you has his own particular task, different from that of the others, but the totality of your tasks represents the totality of my Idea, the various stages of my Plan on Earth.

To fulfil your mission I will give you talents that you will be free to use and put to good use, but I will also give you obstacles that, as Heroes that you are, you will have to face and overcome. Your journey will be adventurous, you will know joy and sorrow, but along the way do not forget me. Know that when you feel lost and defeated I will be closer than ever to you. If in those moments you think of the Spark at the bottom of your hearts and call out to me, I will answer you. Then your journey from hardship and travail will become a dance".

The twelve heroes listened with great attention to the words of the Father, aware of the importance of the mission that was about to be entrusted to them. And so, with hearts aflame with aspiration, one by one they approached Him to receive instructions on the journey to be made..."



To you, ARIES, I give my seed first, that you may have the honour of laying it in the earth. For every seed you plant you will reap thousands. You will be the first to penetrate the soil of the human mind with My Thought, but it is not for you to maintain it, nor do you ask any questions about it. Your life consists in action and your only task is to begin to make men conscious of My Creation. For the success of your mission, I give you the gift of Self-esteem.
Quietly, Aries returned to his seat.

" you Aries I entrust the task of beginning My work.
You shall learn to use your inner fire to bring forth new things. Let these reflect my plan, and not your personal desires. Yours is an arduous and risky task, and to face it I give you the talents of courage, trust and initiative. Cultivate them and use them with discrimination and kindness. Do not allow impatience, recklessness and arrogance to become obstacles that blind your mind.
With eyes bursting with energy, Aries returned to his seat.


"To you, TAURUS, I give the power to make the seed bear fruit. Your work is of the utmost importance; it requires all your patience, for you must complete what has been undertaken, otherwise you will see the seeds carried away by the wind. Thou shalt not doubt, nor change thy mind along the way, nor depend upon others for the work I assign thee. For this I give you the Force. Use it wisely.
And Taurus returned to his seat.

" you Taurus, I give the task of building and consolidating what of my work has been begun.
You will make stable and prosperous all that I have created for man and teach him to create for me. It will be a heavy and tiring task, but that you may solve it, I give you the talents of strength, abundance and patience. Use them with love and generosity and do not allow your heart to become a slave to desire. Remember that you must build for me, and not for the pleasure of possession. Desire and attachment to material things will be the obstacles you will have to overcome on your journey.
And Taurus slowly returned to his place.


"To you, GEMINI, I give the unanswered questions so that you may give men understanding. You will never know why they speak and listen, but in your search for the answer you will find my gift: Knowledge".
And the Gemini returned to his seat.

"... To you Gemini, I give the task of communicating what my plan consists of.
You shall tell man of the wonders of creation, the greatness of life and the sacredness of the journey. But let love inspire your words, and take care that the frenzy of your mind does not deafen your heart. So that you may fulfil your task, I bestow upon you the talents of sociability, mental agility and the desire to know. Do not forget that ambivalence, the desire to manipulate others, and superficiality may become major obstacles along your path.
And Gemini quickly returned to his seat.


"To you, CANCER, I entrust the task of teaching men emotions. I ask you to provoke their laughter and their weeping, so that their life and their thoughts may create fullness in their depths. For this I give you the Family, that your fullness may make it prosperous".
And Cancer returned to its place.

" you Cancer, I give the task of expressing feelings and emotions.
You shall love every creature on Earth and teach man to do so. Remember that your love will have to be for the whole of humanity, and not only for your family. In order for you to fulfil your task, I give you the talents of receptivity, sensitivity and empathy. Use them wisely, without being overwhelmed by your own and others' emotions, without suffering and inflicting emotional blackmail. The obstacles you will have to overcome will therefore be attachments, insecurity and fear of abandonment'.
With a gentle expression, Cancer returned to his seat.


"To you, Leo, I give the task of showing the eyes of the world the splendour of My Creation. But you must be wary of pride and always remember that it is My Creation, not yours. If you forget this, men will despise you. You will find great joy in the mission I entrust to you if you fulfil it perfectly. For this you must possess the gift of Honour.
And the Lion returned to his seat.

" you Lion I give the task of manifesting the magnificence of creation.
You shall perceive the greatness of My work and show men its splendour so that they, admiring it, may find Me. Yours is a great task. So that you may fulfil it, I give you the talents of power, generosity and security. Use them with detachment, without forgetting that you are celebrating My glory and not your own. Never let the obstacles of conceit, pride and arrogance prevent you from hearing my voice and discovering the divine spark that I have placed in your heart".
And Leo, with regal gait, returned to his seat.


"To you, VIRGO, I ask you to judge what man has done with My Creation. You must examine his behaviour very carefully and remind him of his errors so that, through you, My Creation may be fulfilled. For this I give you Purity of Spirit.
And the Virgin returned to her seat.

"...To you Virgo, I entrust the task of giving care and attention to My Creation.
Observe it, analyse it in all its parts and guard it with love, defending the spiritual substance hidden in it. Learn also not to lose yourself in what is partial while forgetting what is whole. So that you may fulfil your task, I give you the talents of attention, care and efficiency. But do not allow fussiness, obsessiveness and hypercriticism to become such great obstacles that they dry up your heart and soul.
And Virgo discreetly returned to his seat.


"To you, LIBRA, I entrust the mission to serve, so that man may be attentive to his duties towards others. He must learn as much to co-operate as to reflect on the other side of his actions. I will place you wherever discord reigns. To aid you in your endeavours, I give you Love'.
And Libra returned to its place.

"... To you Libra, I entrust the task of evaluating and choosing what is useful for the realisation of my plan.
You will have to evaluate what is needed and what is not needed and, finally, choose what is useful to continue. It is a difficult and delicate task, but in order for you to accomplish it, I give you the talents of balance, clear-headedness and a sense of beauty. Use them wisely, without being torn apart by the endless sea of doubt. Remember that indecision, compromise and condescension will be the obstacles you encounter along the way'.
And Libra, with rare grace, returned to its place.


"To you, SCORPIO, I give a very difficult task. You will have the ability to know the human soul, but I will not allow you to speak of what you will learn. You will often be sad to see how things really are and that will turn you away from Me and make you forget that I am not the cause of your pain but the perversion of My Thought. You will penetrate the human soul so well that you will end up seeing man as a beast and in your innermost self you will fight so fiercely against this bestiality that you will go astray. But when you return to Me, Scorpio, I shall preserve for you the supreme gift of Determination.
And the Scorpion returned to his seat.

"... To you, Scorpio, I entrust the task of purifying and removing obstacles.
You shall remove and kill all that impedes the realisation of my plan, so that space may be given to all that is pure and noble. Thus you will begin with yourself: you will learn to die and be reborn from your ashes; then you will teach mankind to do likewise. So that you may fulfil your task, I give you the talents of will, intuition and rebirth. Use them with love and do not forget that intolerance, excessive individualism and uncontrolled passions will be great obstacles on your journey.
With an air of mystery, Scorpio, and returned to his seat.



"SAGITTARIUS, I ask you to make men laugh because their misunderstanding of My Thought makes them bitter. Through laughter, you shall give them hope that will bring them back to Me. In this way you shall touch countless souls, if only for an instant, and each time you shall know disquiet. To you, Sagittarius, I give the infinite Abundance that you will be able to scatter to the darkest corners to bring us light.
And Sagittarius returned to his seat.

" you Sagittarius, I give the task of advancing my work in the right direction.
You shall focus your energy and direct it towards me so that I may inspire your every action. Remember that to hear my voice you will not need to explore all the roads of Earth, you will only need to follow that of the heart. So that you may fulfil your task, I give you the talents of enthusiasm, truth and knowledge. Use them with discernment, uniting mind and heart. Do not allow naivety and false ideals to become such great obstacles that you stray from your goal.
With an inspired look, Sagittarius returned to his seat.



"From you, CAPRICORN, I await the sweat of your brow, for you will have to teach men to work. Thy task is not easy, for thou shalt feel man's toil heavy upon thy shoulders. That thou mayst bear its burden, I place in thy hands the Responsibility of Man.

And Capricorn returned to his seat.

" you Capricorn, I give the task of being and affirming my idea.
You will have to learn to free yourself from all that you are not. Only when you understand that you are Soul will you be able to affirm yourself and my plan. Certainly, your task is hard and arduous, but in order that you may fulfil it, I give you the talents of discipline, tenacity and detachment. In putting them to use take care that the weight of your mind does not crush your heart, for then ambition, hardness and pessimism will make your journey harsh and tiring.
With a grave air, Capricorn returned to his seat.



"To you, AQUARIUS, I give the concept of the future so that man may go beyond his limits. You will know the pain of loneliness because I do not authorise you to personalise My Love. But to open man's eyes to other perspectives, I give you Freedom. It will allow you to continue to serve humanity whenever necessary".
And Aquarius returned to his seat.

" you Aquarius, I give the task of co-operating with all creatures of Earth, to build the New Age together. You will have to learn to feel like a brother to all the kingdoms of nature and pour into the human heart the water of true Life. Your task requires love and availability, therefore, that you may fulfil it, I offer you the talents of friendship, tolerance and service. Cultivate them and be aware of the importance of the task I have given you, but be aware that disengagement, opportunism and insensitivity will be obstacles not easy to overcome".
And Aquarius, looking to the future, returned to his post.



"To you, Pisces, I give the most difficult task of all. I ask you to take upon yourself all the sorrows of man and deliver them to me. Your tears shall become Mine. The sadness that you absorb is the result of man's misunderstanding of My Thought, but you must use compassion upon him so that he may feel again. For this difficult task, I give you the most beautiful gift. You will be the only My Son to understand Me. But this gift of understanding is reserved for you alone, Pisces, for if you tried to share it with man, he would not want to listen to you".
And the Pisces returned to his seat.

"... To you Pisces, I entrust the task of concluding the journey to Earth.
You shall gather up all that you have done in life and bring it to me so that I may dissolve it in the ocean of the spirit. You will thus learn to die to yourself and release the Divine Spark that I have hidden in your heart. But you will also have to teach men to do likewise, and for this you will have to know how to gather their pain and their tears. Certainly, yours is the most difficult task, but that you may fulfil it, I give you the talents of salvation, mystic fusion and compassion. Put them to good use, always keeping in mind the task I have given you. Remember that self-pity, confusion and fear will be the obstacles that will test the success of the journey.
And Pesci, with a light step, returned to his seat.

Then God said: "Each one of you possesses a part of My Thought. You shall not err in its interpretation nor desire the gift of your brothers. Each one of you is perfect, but you will know this only when you are One. Then will be revealed to each one of you My Thought in its completeness. Once left to their own devices, each son decided to put the gift he had received to good use, but none of the twelve understood either their duty or their gift. When much embarrassed they returned to God, he said to them: "You all believe that the gift of the other is more precious than your own. I therefore permit you to exchange them. And for an instant each son knew ecstasy as he contemplated all the possibilities of his new mission. But God smiled and said: "You will return to Me several times to ask Me to release you from your mission and each time I will fulfil your wish. You will go through a great number of incarnations before fulfilling the initial mission prescribed by Me for each of you. I grant you infinite time to fulfil it, but you will only be with Me when this is accomplished.

Then, addressing everyone, God said:

"Each one of you has been assigned a part of My Plan. Do not deceive yourselves by thinking that your part represents the whole. Only when you find the Divine Spark, the treasure of light that I have hidden in your hearts, will you understand that the Twelve are One and that each one of you is whole and perfect. Only then will my Plan be revealed to you in all its entirety and splendour.

And so, having received their mission, the twelve Heroes took their leave of the Father and began their task by developing talents and facing obstacles. But none of them fully understood the meaning of their mission. Tired and confused they returned again to the Father, who said to them:

"Each of you feels lost because you think that the task of the other is more important, that he has better talents and easier obstacles. Let you then exchange tasks, talents and obstacles".

Hearing those words, the twelve Heroes rejoiced greatly. And God went on to say:

"You will return to me many times, and each time you will ask me to release you from your task. Fear not, each time I shall comply with your wishes. Know, however, that you will have to make many journeys before you can fully realise your task and find your treasure. To do this I give you unlimited time, but only when your mission is fully accomplished can you be with me.

The Twelve Heroes made countless journeys, and countless times they exchanged tasks, talents and obstacles. At last, after a long, long time, they discerned in their hearts the treasure of the Divine Spark, and from that moment, as if by magic, their journey ceased to be troublesome and arduous. And their dance began.

Since that day, many have wondered what their dance was like, but that is another story.